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Sexy Star posted a lengthy statement on Twitter regarding injuring Rosemary at AAA TripleMania last week, which you can check out below: "La verdad espera, solo la mentira tiene prisa" Solo para ustedes con toda mi honestidad y con todo el amor.

pic.twitter.com/h5LJY4KdZV. — Sexy DULCE. It was just days ago that Sexy Star appeared on television and commented on the incident involving herself and Rosemary at TripleMania on Aug.

26, where she has been accused of injuring her opponent with a legitimate armbar at the end of the match. She didn't say much, however, but did promise to. Sexy Star, best known in the U.S. for her appearances on Lucha Underground, is being accused of intentionally injuring the arm of another wrestler, Rosemary, in an apparent shoot at a major Mexican wrestling card over the weekend. The incident occurred during a championship bout at TripleMania XXV in Mexico City on Saturday, when Sexy Star persisted with a cross armbar after opponent Rosemary tapped out.

Professional wrestler Sexy Star, who has appeared on Lucha Underground, is being accused of purposely injuring an opponent during a four-way women's match.

Sexy Star. For many, she was an inspirational figure, a woman who donned a mask to champion the rights of those who have been abused or mistreated in their lives. That's very admirable. But until a week or so ago, it's possible you hadn't even heard of her. After all, plenty of wrestling fans don't watch.

WRESTLING superstars and promotions have threatened to BANISH Sexy Star after she dislocated an opponents arm on purpose. It was a celebration of one of the great wrestlers of his generation, who managed to live up to the legacy of his father, who was arguably an even bigger star in his day.

Instead, all anyone could talk about was the women's title match earlier in the card, where Sexy Star, the champion, clamped a legitimate. At tonight's #Triplemania PPV, #SexyStar legitimately injured her opponent, #GFW star #Rosemary.

It. Chris Jericho head about the Sexy Star/Rosemary situation and is doing what he can to hinder Sexy Star's career from this point on. We recently reported on the controversy coming out of this weekend's AAA TripleMania XXV event, after former GFW Knockouts Champion Rosemary suffered an injury at the hands of Sexy Star. According to numerous reports and a first-hand account from Rosemary herself, the former Lucha Underground.

Discover information about Sexy Star and view their match history at the Internet Wrestling Database. Dulce Maria García Rivas (September 20, 1982) is a Mexican Luchadora enmascarada, or masked female professional wrestler. She has worked for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración and Lucha Underground where she performed under the ring name Sexy Star.

She previously wrestled under the name Dulce Poly and. Sexy Star has been accused of deliberately injuring Rosemary, wrestler during the AAA TripleMania XXV event in Mexico City, Mexico over the weekend.

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